We are MyPixel Games! We are Ukraine gamedev studio. We make and publish mobile and desktop games for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 PC and Steam.

Pixel Cops

PixelCops – it’s mobile 3D action about police officers works. Game develop at pixel (voxel) style and create by Unity3D. We have plans for introducing our game to iOS and Android App Markets. Coming soon the Pixel Cops in 2019.

About game

Pixel Cops is free mobile 3D action game for Android and iOS platforms. Prepare your car, take a sergeant instruction and let’s go to the street’s patrol! Because of you – LAPD police officer! Your mission to protect and to serve everybody and you must do it! It’s your choice! It’s your life! The Pixel Cops introducing you to difficult and interesting police work. You can patrol streets, pickup dispatcher call, work witch road incidents, shoots, criminal, pursuits.